Pagan Pride Black Veil 2015

Pagan Pride

August 6, 2017 all-day
The Arboretum
Waverley St
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 4HF

We will be taking our jewellery and the LoveTaliesin gazebo to Pagan Pride again in 2017.  This amazing, enjoyable and empowering event takes place in Nottingham’s arboretum on Sunday 6th August.

Green Man Tibetan Silver Charm Bookmark - A popular pagan symbol
Green Man Tibetan Silver Charm Bookmark – a popular pagan symbol

Pagan Pride

Pagan Pride is a celebration of the diversity within the Pagan community, aiming to raise awareness of our faith, beliefs and spirituality, as well as promoting positive images of witches, magical practice and all things Pagan. Oh, and it’s also about having fun, whether young, old or in-between!

Whilst Pagan Pride is based in the East Midlands and the event takes place in Nottingham, our aim is to encourage and include participation from Pagans living across the UK. Everyone is welcome to celebrate with us and show support in a positive way.  We want every Pagan, regardless of where they live to be able to attend a Pagan Pride Celebration, to benefit from the community and support of meeting others, and this is why it’s important to us the event remains free!

Why have a ‘Pagan Pride’ day?

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

“It’s important to us to be accurately represented, not just in the media, but also within the minds of the public.  Pagans & Witches are NOT “devil-worshippers”, we do not meet in secret places with dark intentions, Modern Paganism is about living “green”, being in tune with your environment, honouring the cycle of nature and worshipping our chosen deities in all their forms.”

Witchcraft is an empowering form of prayer not to be dismissed and those who use it are no longer willing to be sidelined and mocked for its practice, as it forms a valid part of Pagan worship.

More information about Paganism and the Pagan Pride Day at:

LoveTaliesin Jewellery at Pagan Pride

Pagan Pride 2016
Pagan Pride 2016

We are delighted that we are able to be part of Pagan Pride. So when you come and see us in the Arboretum, you will find most of our usual jewellery – but with special emphasis on Sue’s hand-made and our ethically sourced pieces including:

  • Pendants, earrings, brooches and bracelets hand-painted by Sue with special effect paint and protected by a resin dome.
  • Pendants and Earrings hand-made from Swarovski Crystal Elements
  • Dichroic Glass Bracelets, Earrings and Pendants
  • Gemstone chip bracelets
  • Pewter Earrings and Brooches
  • Pewter Mirrors
  • Stunning hand-made Steampunk pendants and brooches
  • Enamelled pendant and earring sets
  • Acrylic Butterfly brooches, pendants and earrings
  • Sterling Silver Rings
  • 925 Silver Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and studs
  • Earrings, Pendants, Bookmarks, Charm Bracelets and Necklaces hand-made from Tibetan Silver Charms
  • Glass Nail Files
  • … and lots of surprises as new ideas and new products constantly burst from Sue’s creative imagination!

We’ll have all these, and even more beautiful jewellery,  on the LoveTaliesin stall at Pagan Pride. We’re looking forward to meeting new customers as well as some of the many friends we’ve already made in our home city.

Check our Facebook Page for more details in the run-up to this wonderful event.Save

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