Steampunk Resin Pendant – Rectangle


Steampunk Resin Pendant – Rectangle

The Steampunk Resin pendant -Rectangle is 7cm from the ring at the top to the bottom of the resin pendant.

It costs just £14.99 with free postage and packaging in the UK.

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Steampunk Resin Pendant – Rectangle

This Steampunk Resin Pendant – Rectangle has been hand-made with love and care by Sue using recycled watch parts and charms. She has embedded them in an attractive rectangular faceted resin shape. The pendant is supplied with a 24 inch chain.

Whether you’re into the Steampunk sub-culture or if you just want to look great in a hand-made one-off jewellery piece, this Steampunk Rectangle Resin Pendant is a striking addition to your jewellery collection.

What is Steampunk?

It is a genre of science fiction where everything is powered by steam with mechanical moving parts. This is why you see so many cogs, wheels and drive shafts within this stunningly beautiful pendant.

This pendant has a strong resonance with the Steampunk icons Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.

Steampunk Lifestyle

At its simplest, Steampunk can be seen as a way of giving your personal technology a goth make-over. Imagine a top of the range computer made to look like an old typewriter.

Steampunk Computer

But at its deepest, Steampunk is a whole way of looking and living: and a colourful protest against the inexorable advance of technology itself. And it’s a trend that’s sneaking its way into loads of different sectors: from fashion to film, interior design to video games.

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Sue and This Steampunk Resin Pendant – Rectangle

While Sue is not into the Steampunk lifestyle, she loves making each of her steampunk creations unique and individual. Using a very strong adhesive, she first attaches the larger elements of her design together, then adds progressively smaller cogs, springs, shafts and other watch parts. The result is an intricate piece of jewellery that is both beautiful and a real one-off.

In a full day in her studio, Sue will be able to produce no more than ten pieces, ensuring that her ideas remain fresh each time she sits down to create new Steampunk designs.

The pendant is 7cm from the ring at the top to the bottom of the resin pendant. It costs just £14.99 with free postage and packaging in the UK.

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Dimensions 2.1 × 7 cm


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