Moonstone Earrings


This Moonstone Pendant and Earrings Set has been hand-made by Sue using 10mm genuine Moonstone  beads, silver-plated and nickel free charms, chain, jump-rings and ear-hooks.

Moonstone Pendant and Earrings Set

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These Moonstone Earrings Set have been hand-made by Sue using 10mm genuine Moonstone  beads, silver-plated and nickel free  jump-rings and ear-hooks.

Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone is the opalescent variety of a mineral called Orthoclase. This is an alkali feldspar. These stones have a white sheen, which is known as “schiller”), giving it a shine like the moon, hence its name. The sheen is created by the reflection of light from the internal structure of the stone.

If you give someone a moonstone when the moon is full you will maintain your love with each other. It can also reunite lovers who have quarrelled

Moonstone is a very positive stone for your Mind, Body and Spirit because it:

  • Brings good fortune
  • Assists in foretelling the future
  • Enhances intuition
  • Promotes inspiration
  • Brings success in love as well as business matters
  • Offers protection on land and at sea

The moonstone was the stone of the goddess Diana. It has been worn as an amulet to bring good emotions to the wearer, and protecting sensitive people. Moonstone is also considered a good luck stone.

Moonstone is a very personal stone. It is a reflection of the person who owns it. It is also a very good aid to meditation. This is a particularly good gemstone for women. It is a good stone for young women or teenagers.

Moonstone Earrings from LoveTaliesin Jewellery

There are two types of moonstone. Adularia moonstone is an almost transparent pale gray or silvery white or blue shimmer. It is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Burma, India and Madagascar. Albite moonstone is in the feldspar group. It is semitransparent with a pale, shimmering reflection. It may be a little dull. It comes mainly from Canada.

Sue has created these beautiful Moonstone Earrings using 10mm Moonstone beads.

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