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Steampunk Pendants

What is Steampunk

You will find Steampunk Jewellery on LoveTaliesin Jewellery stalls and on this site, but what is it and where did it come from?  Here is a brief description and history.

Steampunk is essentially a variation of science fiction, fantasy and horror. The stories and scenarios are usually set in an alternative reality based on the use of steam power.  Much, but not all,  Steampunk is set in a Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history of Britain.  It has been described as “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.

It embodies the Victorian’s optimism for the future, based on the Industrial Revolution and Empire, with somewhat purer ideals of creativity and self reliance. It creates a contrast with the commercialisation, mass production and waste in the real world and a offers nostalgia and appreciation for hand crafted quality and the beauty of the past.

Although the Steampunk movement has only existed since the late 1980s, its heroes and role models include HG Wells and Jules Verne, and some of fantastical machines and structures seen in the work of later writers, musicians, jewellery designers, film and TV programme makers are inspired by them.

Each Pendant, Brooch and piece of LoveTaliesin Steampunk Jewellery is hand-made by Sue using recycled watch parts and Antique Bronze charms.

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