Back To School – 6 Questions You Need To Ask

This week, a strange daytime silence falls over millions of homes as the summer holiday draws to a close. Children are either returning to school, or starting a new one. In any case, the autumn sees new year groups, new classes, new challenges and new subject matter to study.

Back To School

As parents, we worry about the experience that our sons and daughters are getting. Often it’s a vague concern, but here are some specific things to look out for at your own local school:

  • Do classrooms look bright and cheerful? Is artwork displayed on the walls, and does it seem appropriate for the children’s stage of learning?
  • Do the teachers seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable? Do they ask questions and set work that stimulates students and keep them interested?
  • Does the head teacher take an active interest in students, teachers and parents?
  • How do children behave as they move from class to class or play outside?
  • Is there an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and what other types of parent involvement is there?
  • How well is the school building maintained? Are changing rooms and toilets clean and well supplied, and does the playground and school grounds look safe and inviting?

If you can get answers to these basic questions, your probably child stands a good chance of enjoying the coming term and of learning in a safe, inspiring and engaging environment.

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