New Look To Our Home Page

We’ve added a great new look and a new way to get to some of the main areas of our website shop from our home page though this set of clickable pictures.

This feature is known as a slider and shows some of the product ranges that you can find in our shop. It also provides a great new way of exploring these products by clicking on the pictures as they scroll round.  Each picture will take you to the right place in our shop to see and buy the range of products shown.

Why Use a Slider?

One clear advantage of using a slider is that website owners can place all their important content in a visually appealing and interactive slideshow at the top of the page before their main content. This allows users to quickly see the highlights and take action.

Sliders can run slideshows automatically without user input by moving slides on pre-defined time interval. Sliders can also respond to user interaction like click or swipe to view next or previous slides. Additionally, sliders can also have buttons or thumbnails which users can click to view a particular slide in the slider.


Over To You – What Do You Think Of Our New Look?

We’d love to know what you think of this addition to the site. Please leave us a comment below.

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